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Buyers perspective

Coffee buyers use cupping to evaluate the quality of the beans from a producer. Coffee is grown in many different parts of the world, each region produces varieties that taste different depending on soil, altitude and processing

Roasters perspective

Coffee roasters use cupping to determine the quality of the roast. Coffee is roasted and ground to different specifications. Light, medium and dark roast varies how it tastes and bring out different aromatic and flavour notes.

Drinkers perspective

Coffee drinkers cup coffee so we can decide what we like and/or dislike. Everyone brews coffee in different ways whether using a pour-over, french press or an espresso machine. The cupping process is designed to take away variables like brewing method. It’s the method that has as little human intervention as possible, and it’s a standard process used all over the world.

Cupping helps us to decide the flours we like and also because we like adventure, find new flavours and aromas that we never knew existed.